Friday, 16 March 2018

Artful Experiments!

Hi there Dear Friends!
I totally love my Creative Team for their readiness to experiment, have fun and reach for brand new artistic solutions and fresh ideas!
Today we meet with our talented Bipasha who shows us her new mixed media heart and adventures outside the comfort zone. :) I know you'll love it!

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Hello Everyone!
I'm back today with something that may seem a bit unusual from my comfort zone.
There's not a lot of room for adventure and excitement in our comfort zone. So once in a while, to add a little zest to my creative mixed-media life, I make it a point to try something new and sometimes a bit scary - stretching my limits!
Getting outside of your creative comfortable box may be tough at first, but trust me, when it is in mixed-media, the versatile Finnabair mixed-media products make this ride always a happy and fulfilling one for me.
I have never created any heavily embellished mixed media project with dark bases, but the very thought of all the beautiful textures popping out on a dark base with the perfect measure of highlight have always intrigued me!

I've had a wooden heart box in my craft studio for a while now and thought that it would be perfect to alter it with my fave Finnabair mixed media products for this creative challenge. 
The very first step of my wooden heart box alteration process involved adding some stencilled textures.
I mixed the Texture Powder with 3D Matte Gel Medium (as an adhesive) to create a good paste consistency (adding some water in between) and applied it through the stencil.
It added a fine, delicate coarse texture effect.
Then I built up the dimensions in the textures by adhering randominly some Art Stones.
You can glue these stones directly to the project using any of Finnabair Art Basics gels as an adhesive. My personal favourite is the 3D Matte Gel for adhering delicate small elements and Heavy Body Gel for bigger & heavier embellishments.

Once I was happy with the base textures, I dried the box with my heat tool and coated it with a layer of Heavy Black Gesso. It gave me a smooth, chalky primed background to add my next layers.

I added some final textures on the base using the Graphite Texture Paste. It is a transparent, flexible, permanent acrylic gloss medium with natural grains providing textural, dimensional and porous effects.
Next, I built up some interesting sheen contrast in my base with matte strokes of Aubergine Impasto paint, followed by the ever-glamorous Metallique acrylic paint in Dark Velvet to give it a rich velvety look.
I highlighted the details in the stencilled textures with a touch of Spark in Iris Potion.
Then, I created my heavy-dimensional composition, layering the Finnabair Mechanicals metal embellishments along with some found objects from my stash.
I adhered them using my Heavy Body Gel. I love the fact how strongly it secures each metal bit as desired irrespective of its weight or shape.

Then I have used Dark Olive, Dark Brown, Brown, Dusty (in order of application) from Metal Rust & Camouflage Pastes to add a distressed worn look to the embellishments.

In the last step, I contoured the elements to highlight the depths and textures using the metallique Art Alchemy Wax in Vintage Silk and White Gold.
I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Please enjoy my video tutorial!

So that's all I have for today. I will be back soon with another creative inspiration.

Till then, I'd like to encourage you to think outside of your comfort zone and attempt to do something that you've never done before!

It doesn't have to be anything drastic. It could be as simple as creating some textures with some Finnabair's Art Stones! :)

Happy creating!

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Finnabair x Michaels!

Hi again my dear friends!
Today I'm finally able to share the BIG news for my US and Canadian friends... and those of you who love mixed-media, in fact!
After months of hard work of the serious behind-the-scenes teamwork, our big project - new selection of my favourite and tested mixed-media products is now available at all Michaels Stores in US and Canada! Make sure you will check them out - and let your friends know too!
I'm very happy that a part of my beloved product range is now closer to hour hands than ever! What can you find on the Michaels' shelves now? Selected colours from my Art Alchemy Metallique, Sparks, Opal Magic and Impasto lines, lovely selection of Waxes and much more... Prima selected beautiful moulds, ATC boxes and books for you to play and on the top of that you will be able to try my stamps, stencils and texture products... time to make your fingers dirty!

I sincerely hope you will love them too and your appetite for mixed-media will grow and creative ideas will make your heads spinning... and you know what? Again - we are here to help!

If you feel you are not sure where to start, or how to use products together... or maybe you are a total mixed-media virgin and you'd love to try - we have a solution for you, open for everyone around the world - brand new website!
This inspiring online platform is full of all what you need to start your adventure with mixed-media art: product info, videos and tutorials made just for you all by me and my super talented, mind-blowing team! 
You can watch the videos anytime and download great, not too intimidating step-by-step tutorials anytime and start creating whenever you feel ready... this is a great opportunity to learn the basics and get more confidence no matter what part of the world you are from - I hope you will love this idea as much as I do!

I'd like to send huge thanks to Prima Art Department and all the people from the company who were working so hard on this project for so long - it was a great example of the group effort and great teamwork. It was a big dream, but you all made it happen. I feel really grateful I was given the chance to meet and work with such lovely people.
Warmest thanks from the bottom of my heart go to all of the Team members, who agreed to support us with their beautiful artwork and tutorials - you will find names of these amazing people when you will check Without your help it would not be possible to make this project so complex, inspiring and approachable. I'm really blessed with friends like you.

And you my dear blog readers, social media followers and students - thank you so much for all the magic you sparkled in my life - and I hope this project will be a way to pay back a bit for all the love you are pouring on me and my wonderful Teams day after day.
Sending all the love back in your direction

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

November 2018 - Classes in Australia and NZ

Hi there my dear friends, I'm back here with some great news!
I've just finished working on the schedule of my visit in Australia nad NZ and I can't be more excited!

Here is the full list with the links you can click to check the details and book your seat - I hope to see you in the classroom! 

2-4 November 2018 - Art and Soul Studio, Harvey Bay, QLD, AU - bookings here
7-8 November 2018 Pages 2 Scrap, Tuggerah/Sydney, NSW, AU - bookings here
10-11 November 2018 - Artified, Melbourne, VIC, AU - bookings here
13-14 November 2018 - Scrap 2 RelaxDrouin, VIC, AU - bookings here
17-18 November 2018 - Zyneri Event in Auckland, NZ - bookings here!
20-21 November 2018 - The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box, Swansea, NSW, AU - bookings here
or phone: 02 49721339

See you there!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Free Soul Book Art

Hi there folks!
Get ready for a very special inspiring art treat - Olya's new project will take your breath away...
She made her journal cover look so stunning and absolutely unique and when you watch her video tutorial, you will immediately see how easy it actually was!
Follow Olya's lead and don't be afraid to try something new - you might end up with an artwork you really love. :)

*   *   *   *   *
Hello there lovely creative friends!
For today's inspiration, I'd like to share something completely new for me!

I really like diversity and always want to try something different - a new medium, technique or idea. Experimenting and learning new things is what creativity is all about, right? And the more unusual, the better! :)

The idea of creating such an art book was accompanying me for a long time. I was finally able to create this piece and it turned out it's actually very simple! It made my soul sing and I hope you'll feel inspired too!
I am often inspired by fabrics and here I really wanted to play with different kinds of materials and surfaces put together.
This meant many layers of lace, crumpled paper (I used ordinary kraft wrapping paper), pieces of cardboard, canvas, gauze and lots of lovely metal embellishments.
My base was the cover of Finnabair's Mixed Media Journal.

To make my layers and the whole composition look harmonious, I used brown and white hues of all the materials.
I chose several cards from Ephemera Melange set - they are so perfect to create a vintage vibe.

I also reached for Paper Texture Paste to add accents on the folds and creases of the kraft paper and I must say I'm in love with this velvety new product!
You will see I used a few unusual items as my embellishments, such as a stick, a key and a paintbrush.

I took the coolest pastes to give them a beautifully aged look. I used Rust Effect Paste and Rust Effect Paste - Camouflage. I like to mix different shades from the sets. This creates more opportunities and all of them perfectly match each other!

I used the new Dabbing Brushes that are just brilliant to work with different kinds of pastes.
Then came the most pleasant part - adding pretty details and decorations!
I used several beautiful sets of Mechanicals metal embellishments. I love their design and style and I think they are everything you need to create unique stylish artworks.
In the center of my journal cover I place the beautiful Mechanicals Pendant and filled it with a wing made out of Relics & Artifacts Ancient Soul Cast and Montpellier Apothecary Vial.
A little more metal details, an inscription and my journal was ready!

I invite you to watch the video to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

This project was quite a challenge for me as it's so different from everything I usually create. It turned out to be very inspiring and energizing!
I hope you felt inspired too. :)

So today I want to tell you not to be afraid to try something different and open up new opportunities for yourself.
Never be afraid to try something new! When it comes to creativity there are no mistakes!

Just keep your heart and mind and simply have fun!
With love, Olya

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