Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Charming Treasure

Hi there Dear Readers!
Time for another exciting meeting with a new Finnabair Creative Team member - today it's talented Juliya! I'm sure many of you know her name and art already but if you don't, go to our little interview in which you'll learn more about this beautiful artist and find all the social media links to keep an eye on Juliya's art world.
And today - be prepared - I was really surprised when I first read Juliya's write up and wasn't sure if I got one of the materials right... :) See for yourselves how creative this girl is!

*   *   *   *
Hello everyone!
Today I'm here with the first project for the Team. Worried? Very little. Now it's mostly butterflies (and moths!) tickling my stomach with their wings. ;)

I wanted to create something really special as my first piece and also share my mood with you.
I'll show you how to make a canvas with broken glass.

When I was little, me and my friend always felt very fortunate when we came across a cracked piece of glass. It was a real treasure for us. I remember that moments like that were such a delight and gave me butterflies in the stomach - and that's the feeling I wanted to convey in this project...
I must admit that I didn't use the actual found glass (but you could certainly try that too!) but I bought a special glass mosaic for decors and DIY. I made it one of the focus points of my canvas.
In the beginning I applied Jade Impasto Paint on the upper part of the canvas. And below I pasted a piece of tissue wrap with the help of Clear Gesso. I really like to use this product with tissue. It does not cover the pattern and perfectly glues the delicate paper to any surface.

Then I applied 3D Matte Gel and glued the glass mosaic on it - you'll see how exactly I did it and how easy it is in my video tutorial below. You will also see how beautifully the Jade color sees through the glass pieces.
In order to tighten, better identify the cracks and make sure the pieces are properly fixed, I applied Opaque Matte Modeling Paste. I needed a transparent surface, so I simply wiped the excess paste from the mosaic.

Then I collected all the elements I wanted in my composition. This is where my favorite part of  the work begins - adhering the embellishments to the background with the help of different kinds of pastes, paints and toppings!
The first step is  Black Sand Texture Paste around the composition. Then we play with an amazing product - Rust Effect Pastes - also around the composition and a little on the embellishments.

The third step is to color the decorations and glass with alcohol inks. The pieces of glass from my childhood were colored, this is probably what attracted us to them so much. ;)
Then I needed a touch of time. And this is perfectly handled by Heavy White Gesso! Just apply it with a dry brush and remove the excess with a piece of cardboard.

In the end I added Glass Glitter (Gold Rush) and Micro Beads (Bronze). These Art Ingredients seemed a bit too clear and too neat for this particular piece. Making them a little bit "dirty" with Gesso helped me merge them into one harmonious whole.
The last step was to add touches with the beautiful Art Alchemy Waxes.

Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see all the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I had enormous fun recreating my childhood feeling of sudden discovery and playing with textures and colors.

That's what we all love so much about mixed media, isn't it? :)

Have fun!

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Altered Cookies Tray

Hello Everyone!
It's time to say hi to another new member of my Creative Team (don't miss Olya's last week's debut on my blog!) and today I'm totally thrilled to introduce Bipasha and her brilliant creative imagination!
In this interview you can read a little bit more about Bipasha and bookmark all the links to follow her on social media.
And now, get ready to be wowed with this stunning new mixed media artwork of hers! (Btw, does anyone remember the tin that John altered last year? I suppose great minds think alike! ;) ).

*   *   *   *
Hello there!
I'm so excited to share my very first project with the Finnabair Creative Team!
I had been saving this hard plastic cookie tray until one fine morning, my creative mind vent out some creative juices to give it a rustic transformation.
If you're curious, here's what it looked like 'before'! :)
Lately, I found myself in a strong addiction of assemblage art and rusted found objects.
I have a habit of collecting all weird findings from various sites that are potentially loaded with meaning, or at least my creative mind feels so — from empty lots and construction sites to the side of the road!
Well, when I speak of meaning, I try to envisage a story out of each of these forms that relate to our soul and us as a person.
I love putting a lot of details in my creations usually. I feel that details are not just details, they make the design!
I had a clear picture of this old rusted black metal tin inspiration ready in my head and Finnabair's products (Heavy Black and White Gesso, Impasto paints in Cobalt and Chocolate, Rust Pastes) made the transformation of the base super easy.
Next, I glued some of Finnabair's Ephemera, Art Stones and Mechanicals along with my found objects using the Heavy Gel Medium to create my story.
Here is a process video to give you some creative inspiration. Hope you enjoy it!

With the start of a new morning and as the day unfolds, we encounter a series of events in our life; mostly monotonous with a few countable surprises.
Though a lot of us try to break away from our everyday jobs when we finally relax at home and start creating art, it’s important to remember that what we do as a career is just as much a part of us as anything else.
So, using tools from your everyday life, whether it be bubble wrap, packagings, paper clip patterns or whatever crazy objects that draw your attention, get inspired with this altered cookie packaging tray that reflects everything you do in a single day in an interesting way.

Keep creating!
Warm hugs,

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Creative Spirits

Hi there Lovely Readers!
It's high time for the new beautiful members of my Creative Team to present their first projects this term. Today let's warmly welcome super talented Olya (don't miss our short introductory interview!) an let's fall in love with her art magic! Enter a very special mixed media artist's garden...

*   *   *   *
Hi creative Finnabair Fans!
Today it's time for my first inspiration for you and I must say it's a very exciting moment for me!
I really like Finnabair's products and first I wanted to show them all. But this is impossible because there are so many of them and they are all just great!
So I gave up on this thought and just started drawing and sketching a different plan. In the end, I created a canvas about creative spirits.
I believe each creator has a different spirit and it is always a beautiful one. I gathered my spirits in this magical garden and space and of course had to add the wings of inspiration!
I used a canvas for the base of my project. First, I wanted to create beautiful texture for the background and to do so, I used several stunning products -  one of them is Black Sand Texture Paste which is ideal for this.

To make my background even more interesting and varied, I added Art Stones in different sizes.
Then I covered everything with Black Gesso. I really like how Art Alchemy acrylic paints and Waxes show their colors on Black Gesso. This is real magic! Then I also used it to cover all the metal elements and moulds shapes.
When everything was well dried, I began to create space on the background with the help of acrylic paints. I used the Metallique paints and also added a little radiance with Green Mica Powder. This created a stunning effect on my black background.
When that was ready, I created a composition of my garden with different kinds of embellishments.
On wings of inspiration I used Mechanicals Wings as leaves, added some black paper flowers from Prima and different metal elements.
And again, I used acrylic paints to add color and this time I chose the super brilliant colors of the Sparks series. I am always delighted with their radiance!

Too add even more interest and makes things more dynamic, I reached for my favorite Art Stones! To adhere the stones to the composition, I use 3D Matte Gel and this time I didn't paint over them, leaving their original color as is.
Both the stones and the gel are among my favorite products! When the gel medium dries, it becomes really transparent and creates an invisible volume!

Finally, to emphasize the texture, I used another favorite of mine - Art Alchemy Waxes in Vintage Gold and White Gold.

I like to add a little bit of sparkle to my projects and I love to do that with Glass Glitters which are amazing little pieces of magic! If you prefer smaller particles, simply use glitter from Finnabair's range of beautiful Glitter Sets (here I reached for the 'Luminous' one).

The final touch in my garden are the small and almost invisible accents - Melange Art Pebbles. These transparent circles are just perfect and I love them a lot!
I'd like to leave you with my video in which you'll be able to see all the wonderful products in use and follow my creative process. Enjoy!

Well, I hope you liked my video and I was able to inspire you to want to touch the magic of colors and textures!

Create from your heart and always let the inspiration give you wings!
Dream and paint your dreams...

I wish you a pleasant and creative day and I'm sending you many many kisses. :)

With love, Olya

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